Video brochure - A5 size with a 2.4” LCD screen

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This standard A5 Video Brochure with a size of 148 x 210 mm and a 2.4 inch LCD screen (4:3 / 48,8 X 36,6 mm), is the lowest cost video brochure of this size.

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A Video Brochure is a card of 3, 7 or 10mm thick, with a build-in LCD screen and the most effective direct marketing and sales tool. A Video Brochure can be used to send a personal video message to a specific customer group . . or . .

  • present your company or facilities.
  • introduce new products or services.
  • provide a video manual for complex procedures or equipment.
  • give a company introduction to new staff.
  • send a personal invitation for a party with impressions of the event.
  • present a video product catalog.

When opening the video brochure , the video starts automatically, every time. The video brochure can be mailed in a standard mail envelope. With a video brochure, you can address a customer personally, show your passion for your product or service and let the customer experience your product or service.

Markt research has shown that a video brochure:

  • gets 6 times more attention than a traditional brochure or advertising.
  • is more often looked at by the receiver.
  • is more often shared with partner, friends or family.
  • creates a stronger connection with the product or service offered.
  • has a higher sales conversion ratio.
  • is more appreciated.
  • exudes more reliability.
  • will be remembered longer as a special gift.



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