Vision & Mission

As the world is getting smaller and information is abundantly obtainable, it is becoming more important to be able to select the correct information and business partners to conduct business. As transactions need to be handled faster to keep up with competition, expertise and experience become vital in making the correct decisions at the right time.

World economic growth will predominantly be driven by growth in the Asian countries, which already have or will soon surpass the growth and volume of western economies. Asian companies are therefore looking to expand their reach into world markets and want to increase their efforts to become a player in the western economies. PST can help Asian companies to select the right partners and channels to expand their business in Europe.

With the increase of the disposable per capita income of urban residents in Asian countries, demand for luxury and western products have significantly increased. Subsequently western companies are faced with demands for products for which they need distribution channels and different marketing techniques to sell their products to a wide range of culturally different customers. PST can help Western companies to select the right partners and channels to expand their business in Asia.

Technology is moving faster and the next generation will be able to implement it faster than the current generation. Technology implementation and application demands a faster migration from one to the next, while at the same time convergence of different technologies need to be implemented faster to be up to date with trends and customer demands. PST can help to select the next technology and acquire the knowhow required to integrate it into the next business model.

In a world where risk management has become an integral part of your next business decision, you need to rely on trustworthy and knowledgeable partners to make the right decision at the right time. PST can help to evaluate risk and provide analyses to make the right decision for your business.

With more than 25 years of experience in technology selection, international product development and procurement, distribution, marketing and sales, PST is well situated to help its customers to select the right technology, product and sales channels for their business. Having long term relationships in Europe as well as Asia, PST can build on these relationships and its network to provide a secure supply chain, with quality controlled manufacturing , just-in-time delivery and reliable after-sales service support, to enable a trouble free supply of products and services.

It is our mission to introduce and distribute new technology based products to the market first and fast and create new opportunities for our customers and partners, to reach their goal in the expansion of their companies. By providing constant information updates on technology and products as well as market feedback and research information, we strive to make the cooperation with our customers and partners successful.