EU Office

Many Asian and particularly Chinese companies are considering the step to set up their own office in Europe to be able to approach European customers directly and establish a long term relationship. Several large Chinese companies have already taken this step and have been successful in expanding their business and establish their names as a recognized and respected brand in Europe.

Examples of successful Chinese companies who have previously taken the same step to enter the European market and are now successful in Europe are a.o.: Huawei, Haier, ZTE, Lenovo, Hanghong, Hisense, TCL. They all started with a small office or with a European cooperation partner.

We have been able to help several of our Chinese and Korean partners and friends, with the process of setting up a legal company structure, officially registering their company and brand, as well as providing office space and equipment, local support staff and warehousing and logistic services.

Additional support services as marketing and sales, public relations, administration, taxation routing and planning, accounting and banking services can be provided.

For Asian companies wanting to send their own staff, we can arrange visa’s, working permits and temporary or permanent housing facilities.

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