Procurement & OEM Sourcing

We help our customers and partners in Europe to source the right products from reliable and quality suppliers and manufacturers. With our offices in China and Korea, we have established long term relationships with manufacturers in both countries and know their development potential, productions skills, quality control and supply reliability. With the experience build up over the years we know how to find and qualify new suppliers and manufacturers and make sure that our customers can rely on our expertise to deliver them the correct product for the desired price at the right time.

Whether standard product or custom designed and products build to customer specifications, all products will be checked and tested for all applicable EU certification standards and specifications as CE, RoHS, REACH, TüV, UL, VDE, GS, EMC, etc.

Most of our experience is in the electronics industry, which covers most products for the IT, Telecom and the Consumer Electronics industry. Due to expanding business from our customers we have expanded also in adjacent industries as Home Electronics, Health Electronics, Car Electronics and Industrial Automation and as such have developed and expended our relationship with qualified manufacturers in these industries.

We can help in product design and development of new products using the latest technology and innovations. We can source components for the final assembly of these products.

With the expansion of our team in China with senior consultants and experienced product specialists, we are able to select and source the right products and suppliers.

Through our relationships with shipping and logistics companies we can always find the best shipping rates and fastest delivery schedule to meet our customers deadlines for product release and introduction.