We provide consultancy services for companies in Asia looking for distribution partners and/or customers in Europe as well as for European companies looking for suppliers and manufacturers in Asian countries, particularly in China and Korea.

With our experience in the Electronic Industry and our large network in Europe and Asia, we can guide an advice companies to select the right partner for OEM/ODM product development, manufacturing or distribution and trading of products and services they require.

For Asian companies our consultancy service supports the search for potential sales and distribution partners or direct sales opportunities with large European corporate customers . We can also facilitate the setup of a European Office including all formal, legal and tax structures and procedures to enable a smooth and fast start of a local office or representation in the European Union.

For Asian companies wanting to acquire an European company, with a knowledge and technology base that will provide and facilitate an immediate access to markets and technology, we will be able to support with search, selection and qualification of potential take-over candidates and the negotiation process. In the post-acquisition integration management we can provide top level interim-management and support staff.

For European companies looking to establish their own offices in Asia and enter the local market with their products and services we provide sales and marketing support, distribution channel selection and legal, financial and accounting services. Our Merger and Acquisition consultancy group guides and advises those companies interested to enter into a joint-venture with a local partner or looking for acquisition of a local company.