Storesign 13,3 inch Advertising monitor

Android tablet sign with retail compliance

This retail interactive Storesign, based on Android and Tablet PC technology, will enable you to run your store more efficiently and effectively, while having more satisfied customers and getting more appreciation for the information you freely provide.

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Give your customers the freedom to select your products and special offers themselves, while in your store. They will feel more at ease to browse for information and choose the product they like. More customers can get all specific information you have, while shop staff can attend to customers who need service or want to buy your product. This modern presentation form arouses customer curiosity for your products and contributes to a up-to-date and modern image. The compact, space-saving design makes it easier to position all the information a customer is looking for, directly next to the product.


Since the introduction of the iPhone, touching a screen has become popular with customers and the general public, which nowadays is even expected, as they use iPads and Tablets at home or for work.

This new way of interactivity with a store screen, allows you to actively communicate your product or service  information in a specific and entertaining manner.