AD-123 Advertising media player


The AD-123 advertising monitor is easy to Use. Take your own photo’s and video’s or use readily available ones en store them on an USB Drive or Flash Memory card. Connect your monitor to the back of the AD-123 and insert the USB drive or memory card in the front. The AD-123 will now play your video’s or photo’s. No need for a PC. As simple as that.

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The AD-123 works with every monitor of every size. You can use a monitor from your PC or a monitor you still have somewhere around, not being used. Or you can buy one which fits your budget , size and design preferences to match your store or shop. You can program your product presentation with the remote control. Using the playlist, you can set a daily or weekly program to present a certain presentation to play on a given time of the day or the week.



If you still have a monitor you only need to buy the AD-123 to be ready for presenting your product or service. Even a 21 inch monitor can already be purchase at a low price. A combination of the AD-123 media player and a monitor is the most economical solution to create a professional presentation in your store or company.


Whether you operate a jewellery store or a fashion store or whether you are a butcher or a bakery, your customers want to see your special offers and product information. With the AD-123 you can put a display on your counter or in the shop window, so your customers can always see your special offer or product presentation.


  • measurements: 18x14x4 cm

  • weight: 715 gr.

  • connectors:  VGA Video, Audio

  • power: 110-240V, DC 12V

  • memorycard: CF, SD, MMC, MS

  • memorycapacity: 64MB tot 32GB

  • Incl: Remote control, powercable, 2 keys and instruction manual.