Interactive Touch foil

Stick it and touch it

This Touch Foil can turn a shop window into an interacrive shopping experience.
Interactive Touchfoil is a newly developed and transparent foil, which can be attached on the back of a glass window or a clear Acrylic board and any other non-metallic flat board, thereby creating a big touch screen.

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Touchfoil uses highly-transparent film as substrate, is printed with conductive ink (nano-size, <10nm) and controlled by integrated chips and software. It has many mouse functions and supports multi-touch and writing.


Touch foil is available in different sizes, to match your desired display size.

  • Compact construction, light weight, easy to install on a glass surface or clear acrylic and other non-metallic flat boards.

  • Transparent, no frame, durable and safe, Quick touch response speed.

  • Accurate positioning, can be touched on the back of the glass surface with gloved hand.

  • No mechanical element and pressure inductor, can be used in rough conditions/environment

  • Software compatible with OS: Windows XP, W7, W8, Android, Linux.

  • Double points touch, re-used adhesive layer on back.

  • Available Sizes 

    • Format 16:9:17″ – 120″

    • Format 4:3:42″ – 100″

According to the design specifications, X-axis conductors and Y-axis conductors are put in a PET film by an automatic insertion machine to create a touch matrix. Each touch matrix is controlled by a chip, whereby the software will recognizes all of the actions (touches) of the user.

(Remarks: PET: polyethylene terephthalate, a high temperature and corrosion resistant plastic film)


  • Shop/Store window display, Touch Table, all-in-one Touch (vending) Machine, Touch Wall, LED/LCD Monitors, Restaurant, Bus station, Airport., Pharmacy, Hospital, Gas Station, Car Dealers, Fashion Outlets

  • Indoor and outdoor kiosks.

  • Corporate office, meeting room, training room, education room.

  • Exhibition centre, conference centre, museum, visitor/tourist attraction locations.



A complete interactive touchfoil contains the following 4 parts.

  • PET sensor film, which seal the conductive nano-wires.

  • Control circuit board and protection cover.

  • Control software.

  • USB cable